Kartra Free Sales Funnel Template Review #1 – Simple List Builder

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Kartra Funnel Reviews

Today: we will review a Free Kartra Funnel called Simple List Builder. It’s a simple two-page funnel that moves your prospect from Opt-in Page into a Thank You Page using an ebook as a lead magnet. The main purpose of this funnel is to grow your list of leads.

At the end of this video, you’ll discover the Lion Funnel Score and how effective the funnel is. Is it even worth trying or buying? Is it better or worst than some of the other funnels? Can it be improved, or is it a complete waste of time?

We will provide you with the Verdict, is the funnel Poor, Average, Good, Very Good, or Outstanding Quality? And we will summarize the value by listing the Pros and Cons.